Friday, January 13, 2012


Just got our 2012 calendars today (thanks mom!).  It brings up all sorts of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming months,  and the promise of a fresh start that a new year gives us .  What does 2012 hold for us?  Filling out each month with the necessary information, birthdays, Dr.'s appointments, parties, etc., leads me to wonder what each new month will hold. 

Will March bring that big promotion that my husband is up for? (prayers are indeed needed for this one, if you would)
Will we have our own home by May?
Will we be able to take a nice vacation for our 5 year anniversary in July?
Will we still be living in the high desert in September?
 Will we be going to Florida in October?
Will we have a big Christmas this year with our newly expanded families?

There is so much this year that I am looking forward to, and I feel it in my heart that this year will be so much better for my family. It makes me eager to see the time fly by and welcome each new surprise with open arms.

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