Wednesday, June 15, 2016

30 day progress report

Ugh...frustration is all that I feel right now.  Despite working out 4-6 days a week and eating healthier most days, I managed to gain back some of the 6 lbs I lost the first two weeks of bikini body mommy workouts.  I blame my impending period (I seriously hate being a girl most days...) and added workouts which make you very hungry.  I haven't retaken measurements yet, I try to keep that around the first part of the month so I just took a set for June, and hadn't made much progress from the first week of the challenge with those so I have no idea if I am losing inches (I don't feel like it) or not. I made a deal with the husband to have him encourage me to work out and eat better and give him some (wink, wink) incentive if I lost over my goal weight for the month.  So far that encouragement has come in the form of, "Don't eat that" twice in 2 weeks.  Thanks for the encouragement love!! Not...I have to remind myself that my body's metabolism is still in the mind set of maintaining my weight, I haven't put forth enough combined diet and exercise to trick it into speeding up just yet, so let's change the plans for the remaining days in June to hit my 7lbs target.
Work outs need to have at least 3 of 6 days with 1 hour or more of exercise.  Continue to eat 1700-1500 calories daily (no more cheating...sad face) and hope for the best come July 1st.  I can do this.....right?? It is so hard, school makes me so tired and consumes so much of my time that I feel like any extra time I have I should be studying, and even then, with the current events in the world I find it hard to find motivation to push on for myself.  I'd rather wallow in sadness. But it needs to be done and Rome wasn't built in a day, or even a month so I will continue on and fix the process as needed.
That's right, we're a damn Rolls-Royce, dammit!!!!!