Monday, January 16, 2017

I just lost 20 lbs

This is no gimmick post.  I'm not pushing some miracle cure or instant fix.  I just lost 20 lbs the RIGHT way.  Slowly, painfully, and committed to my own success.
In October of 2016, I stepped on the scale and saw a number I have not seen since I was pregnant over four years ago.  I had also gotten a report on my cholesterol and liver function that basically told me to fix it or die from a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits.  I had always wondered what exactly it was that some women had to just say enough is enough and never look back.  I have dieted in the past, hell, this entire blog is dedicated to just that! My past failures, my mistakes, my lack of committing.  This was my moment.  This moment was the I'm done moment.  How do I know? I 've never felt so committed to this process.
I hate to tell you if you are looking for an easy fix for the years of bad habits, you won't find them here or in any diet.  You need to feel it in you and want to do ANYTHING it takes to fix it.  I have always wanted to get my weight in-check more than anything else, but I seriously lacked the motivation.  You aren't ready if you can't commit to eating clean and healthy foods. Not just for a week or two, Always! There's no weekly trips to In-N-Out, no trips to Starbucks(I know, I am sorry but I miss it too!)  Not that you need to quit cold turkey, because that can eff up your plans too, but you need to be ready to sacrifice these luxuries until your metabolism gets itself back on track, and then only in moderation!! You are also not ready if you can't commit to working out 4-5 days a week for 45 mins to an hour! Science says that to achieve lasting weight loss you must do at least this MINUMUM amount of time! You aren't ready if you can't do that.  You will lose some weight at first but you will hit a plateau and it will piss you off and may cause you to quit. I'm sorry! There are days I hate working out, but I know that I need it like I need oxygen.  You need a support system.  You are not ready if your spouse or S.O. is not on board.  It makes life very difficult if you are making regular meals for your family and healthy meals for you.  Eating healthy never killed anyone! Sorry again but it is not a solo mission! You need the support from at least one other person to keep you motivated, find that person and make them hold you accountable!! (I'm always here for you all you know that right?) And lastly, you need to break the cycle between your emotions and food.  If you aren't ready psychologically, you aren't ready at all! If you can't fix the thing in you that is broken this won't last.  Believe me, I have been through all of these things, and I have failed so badly! 
If you want it, you've got to do all of these things.  It is not easy, you have to be ready to change your life.  To save your life!  I have only learned as much from my own failures and if I can tell you anything it is that you are worth it, the hard work is worth it!
I currently work out 4-5 days a week for an hour and spend a fortune on a fantastic gym that challenges me every day.  The trainer is fantastic and makes it a point to get personal with you.  There is a huge support group both in the classes and online that helps push me along too.  Seeing the success of my peers helps keep me motivated. Our trainer has a saying, WIT-whatever it takes! Be that the pain of sweating it out in the gym, pushing harder on a walk or run, or whatever it takes for you to succeed! If you can't do 45 mins, work up to it.  You'd better believe that first class I took I needed my inhaler and an ambulance (not really) but now I feel so strong I push myself harder each class.
 I also stopped eating crap.  I read a book on emotional eating and I don't deprive myself, I listen to what my body really wants, determine if this is an emotional choice or a hunger choice.  If I am really craving something, I have it.  If you deny yourself, you end up binging on other crap trying to fill the void and you still won't be satisfied.  Eat what you want, get it over with and move on.  I still feel guilty but I know that I am working hard and I am also not perfect! Guilt isn't normal.  We have trained our brains to feel shameful for wanting something and that is not wrong! We do deserve some self-love, just don't make it from food! If you can, please pick up a book on emotional eating, it helps you heal on the inside while you are healing on the outside. 
I also eat really clean.  If you've been reading, you know sugar is my weakness.  Imagine how the holidays went for me! I ate great food, I ate sugar, I ate fat...I lived! I gained a couple of pounds and felt like crap, but I jumped back into my plan. In all honesty, I haven't really craved the crap stuff at all since I've been on this kick.  I may have a treat or two during the week, but I keep it small and simple.  Don't tempt yourself with junk in the house, keep treats you enjoy, but don't particularly love.  For me, M&M's are something I like, but I can feel ok with just 3-4 pieces, so I keep that around for those desperate moments. Unlike having cookies in the house.... so far it's working! If you want sugar, try fruit, at first it doesn't seem appealing but it becomes a habit!
Celebrate the small victories and forgive the mistakes.  I hit a nasty plateau where for 3 weeks I worked my ass off and the scale didn't budge.  I spent one week sulking about it and was just pissed off and bitchy to everyone.  This doesn't help you! Trust your body and trust in the process! That is what I told myself and the weight started coming off again.  And I'll tell myself that same thing during the next plateau because it won't stop at one! Be patient.  Some weeks you may lose 4-5 lbs, and some weeks you may lose 1 or maintain.  Hell, I even had the scale go up! But trust in the process, and it is a long process to create a new lifestyle!
I know it is frustrating.  I know it is hard.  I'm only an expert at what doesn't work.  Shit, I'm pep-talking myself just as much as you, dear reader! But keep at it and you will find the secret to your own success! I hope this helps, and I will try to update as much as I can!
Let this year be your best year!!