Saturday, August 24, 2013

30 day bikini body results and more

Adjusting to my new schedule of working full time has been easy so far.  I ended up feeling exhausted a few days, it kind of snuck up on me Thursday and I passed out on the couch watching bubble guppies with Lu, but week 1 of the new family lifestyle was pretty good. It has also officially been (past) 30 days on the bikini body mommy 90 day challenge and let me tell you, it is the hardest, easy workout plan I've ever done! I'm  logging a (most weeks) 6 days a week workout plan and have seen some decent results the first 30 days.  I've officially lost 5 lbs and 4" off my stomach and thighs! My two worst trouble zones! Woo hoo! And while I have done the whole day 1 vs day 30 photo thing, I still am not happy with the way my body looks showing that much skin, so perhaps those photos will be strictly before and after. 

I've been having some slow progress since I am struggling to get back into healthy eating habits post injury and it is taking a lot longer to figure my shit out this time around!  I had a couple weeks where I was stress eating like crazy, and emotional eating teamed up with PMS just is an ugly, ugly thing.  Knowing that I am still struggling with emotional eating a year after starting this process really sucks and I am not sure why I can't quite break the bad habit.  I really need to start doing some digging, of the emotional sort and get past it so I can kick my weight gain's ass! I have lost all but 3 of the 8 lbs I gained back from my stupid injury and while I personally feel like it should be better than 5 lbs and 4" I know that I should be glad for whatever results I get, because sometimes, I really haven't worked hard enough to deserve them!

I think what is hardest for me is knowing how hard I worked to get out of the 200 lbs mark only to screw up and put myself right back up there, and now I've been stuck at 201, 202 the last couple weeks, fighting to break the 200 mark again.  A place I said I never wanted to see again.  But stuff like this is going to happen, as my own dieting history has shown, and I am going to have to fight really hard to get to where I want to be.  I have to taste that desire again, I have to learn that you can't out-train an bad diet, and eat to live not live to eat, etc..... My diet is the one thing I haven't been able to beat.  I can work out a mean streak, but that means nothing if I down half a freaking pizza in one sitting.  Usually when my eating turns to crap I can remedy this by doing the handy 3-day military diet, but I have not even been motivated enough to do that.  Ugh, I guess I've just hit a rough patch. 

My official update will be on the 4th, just like every other month and I'm hoping I can take those last 3 lbs off, maybe a couple more??  Wish me luck, I still really need it!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sprinkler Sprint 5k

So we participated in an other awesome 5k this past weekend in Las Vegas, this time it was a family affair
I saw a friend advertise this event on her facebook page, she participates in many of the runs out there in Vegas, and I figured it would be an awesome mini vacation for us all. Heck it is summer and what sounds more fun than running through the streets of Vegas being blasted by water at every turn?

It was the first edition of this run, so it was a bit of an experiment, and while it was well organized and pretty fun, it was certainly lacking.  There were 4 areas where you were blasted with water, the first was an icy tunnel that had a few fans and some misters, so we did not get very wet at all.
It was alright, just enough to cool you down a bit.  We had to go almost a mile before seeing or coming across another "event", a water truck going up and down S. Las Vegas Blvd.  It was pretty brief but we got a bit wet.  I was a little bored at this point and we engaged in our own water bottle fight. Lucas did not enjoy getting wet at all.
(Nice stink face, eh?) Next we came up on a trolley with 7 people on it with water guns.  Didn't get very wet there either, a bit disappointed.  We then spent almost the entire last 1.5 miles just running the streets of Vegas.  As we rounded the last street there was the water cannon station where we got the most wet, I was hoping the whole race would have been a bit more like that spot, there were lots of people at that part so you really got soaked. Again, all it did was piss Lu off even more. That lead you to the popsicle area which was pretty cool and to the finish of a slip and slide, which two of the four were broken.
Didn't stop my E and C from going down it! The end of race party had a water truck and misting station so we got plenty wet then.  My overall opinion on the race was that it was pretty fun, a bit boring as the stations were spread out too far, but I can see the potential for this to be epic in the years to come.  It went well for it's first try and we would do it again. Well, 3 of the 4 of us anyhow.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

let's get physical

Ya, I just went there. But it's time to get cracking ladies and gents!

This officially concludes the first year of me working my butt off and losing over 30 lbs.  No more sad, frumpy, boring mommy moments for me.
So long!  I'm working towards getting back into my pre-children shape, and I've got about 20 lbs to go. 
I'm sitting around 178 in this photo, and I'd like to do even better than that and take off another 20 lbs making this years goal total 40 lbs to lose.  That would put me right around 160 ish, once I get there if I choose to keep going I will, if not I'll be going into maintenance mode.

Here are the things I have learned in the past year:
*This is a process, there is no quick fix.  You didn't get unhealthy overnight so don't expect to get back to healthy that way either! It takes WORK, diligent, hard work, not just a few minuets of cardio a few times a week either. 
*Daily workouts.  Right now, I am doing 3 days of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and 3 days of cardio for 45 mins. So aim for 5-6 days a week, anything less will not give you consistent results!
*Weight training is a must kids, muscle burns fat! Weight lifting is MORE important than cardio for weight loss! If you want to burn the fat off you need to build up the muscles under it!
*You cannot out-train a bad diet! Eat to live, don't live to eat, I still struggle almost daily with this one! I love food, too much and the love affair stops here and now!
*You are going to slip up from time to time, hell, I am still recovering from the damage I did while I was nursing an injury, instead of sticking to my diet, I turned back to food for comfort and gained weight that I worked super hard to take off! But the key here is to not give up, it's a bad day, not a bad life! Even if it is a bad couple of days, stop that crap and get your butt back in gear! Never, ever  beat yourself up for screwing up, that will lead you to failure!
*Find someone, anyone to help keep you accountable! This is a really hard change to make, it would be so much harder to do alone! Even if you feel uncomfortable reaching out, know that at least I am here going through this with you and I always have an eager ear to hear! USE ME! Or find someone who will tell you to "put that cookie down and give me 20!"
*Celebrate the little things as well as the big things! So you didn't lose any weight but you lost 3" off your stomach? That is some shit to be proud of right there! Progress is progress no matter how "small."
*The scale is not your friend! I used to weigh myself every day, and then my scale broke and it is a bit liberating.  Just work out and eat better to feel better, don't let the scale rule you! Weighing yourself multiple times a day is obsessive and unhealthy and it won't help you achieve your goals! Go do some squats instead if you feel tempted, the burn you'll feel after is much better than any number on the scale!
*Remember your goals.  Keep the prize in sight when you don't feel motivated to work out or when you are tempted to eat like crap.  Does skipping a workout get you results? Does a cheeseburger? Then ask your self if you can really afford to skip the workout or eat that cupcake!
*Lower your standards of personal "perfection." Would I love to look like this:
Um, yes please! Will I ever look like this? Not with out thousands of dollars of surgery.  You know what your body is capable of, make realistic goals, like fitting into pants 4 sizes smaller or feeling confidant in a bathing suit.  Not to look like someone who has a different body than yours.  Cuz no matter what you do , you can't fight the shape God gave you, but you can sure as heck enhance that bad mother and feel like a goddess in your own skin!

Now get busy!