Sunday, September 18, 2011

9 weeks and bearly surving

I'd love to tell you all that I feel so much better than I did last week, but I'd be a lying to you. Still feeling crappy, but adding acid reflux and sporadic sciatic pain to the mix as well, but only a few nights this week, so I am really thrilled to see what the next few weeks of first trimester hell brings me.

Instead of telling tales of pregnancy woes here this week I am going to tell you the top ten reasons I think we are having a girl.

10. The Shettles method (look it up).  We have been following this one for most of the time we have been trying to conceive so that is probably one of the reasons it took us 11 months to get knocked up. It's a science, yo! And the timing is hard as hell!

9. A friend of mine knows a lady that swears that if you lay on your left side post coitus, you will conceive a girl. Her success rates include two of my close friends who have tried this and have indeed had or are having a girl. I made it a rule to always lay on the left side, P.C., with my ass propped up on a pillow.

8. I am moody as hell.  I have cried everyday since I was about 6 weeks along, which means there is a ton of estrogen floating around this beast. Heaven help anyone who upsets me, because I am also capable of causing severe PMS like tantrums and fits at the drop of a hat. I credit this to having two vagina's.

7. We have a girl name chosen. But we cannot decide on a possible boy name. Because we won't need one, I'm sure. (I'm not disclosing anytime soon so don't ask :) )

6. This pregnancy is my last pregnancy, so therefore it MUST be a girl so that I will NOT be compelled or tempted to put my body through this torture ever, ever, ever again.

5.  This pregnancy is also so much worse than my last pregnancy. Sick all damned day, can't eat or drink anything, (as apposed to eating like a teenage boy during a growth spurt my last go.) too tired to get out of bed or shower or brush my teeth until 3pm. It's so a girl.

4. My son and husband both fall under the same star sign, Pieces. This kiddo is due in April, and will fall under the same star sign as me, Aries, thought this could be bad, knowing me...

3.  My husband was a huge jerk when I was pregnant with my son.  H U G E! This time, he's as sweet as pie, and as tame as a kitten with no claws. I'm convinced it's because his daughter already has him wrapped around her not quite fully formed finger. I'm not complaining about this at all....yet...

2. I just really feel like this is a girl. With Eth, I wanted him to be a girl, but I don't think I felt that he was a girl. I really feel it this time, plus, with all the other shit I mentioned above, I mean, I'd be flabbergasted if it turned out to be another boy.

1. April 22nd is my due date. Since I am a repeat C-section, I won't go to term, usually 38 weeks if all goes well. 38.5 weeks would be April 11th, a Wednesday, when most docs do c-sections so mom's will be out by Saturday. My mom's birthday is April 10th, my birthday is April 12th. How awesome would it be to have 3 generations of us born the 10th, 11th,and 12th? It's just not as cool if it's a boy, so therefore, she's a girl.

Of course, it is a long way off until we find out what the sex really is. But I'm pretty sure I already know.

Will I be bummed if it is a boy? Ya, for a minute, then I'll remember how much fun my boy is and how I'll be the only girl surrounded by men, and that will be totally cool with me. Plus I have friends and family with little girls to spoil at my disposal.

Until next week! If this child doesn't kill me first!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

8 weeks: let's talk misery

I'm sure some of you are sick of my facebook posts about how much I suck at being pregnant, so I am going to *try* to keep all my pregnancy woe's reserved for the blogosphere.

I am the worst pregnant person out there. I hate feeling miserable, sick, tired, weepy, sick and bloated. Hate it. So much so that I have decided that this pregnancy will be my last, no matter the outcome. (So please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well so my son won't have to be an only child.)

I remember feeling sick and very tired with Ethan. My nausea was pretty bad at certain times of the day, mostly the afternoons, but this baby has re-defined the meaning of pregnancy nausea. It is not only reserved for the morning, but usually occurs all day long, worsening sometimes early in the morning (like 4 am) or worsening in the evenings (like 5 pm,when my husband leaves or work). There's really no relief at all either, I feel fluish all day, all week. It's fun! No, that's not even funny to joke about! There are hot and cold flashes and often body aches as well, so, most days I feel like I'm going to die.

The worst part thus far has to go to week 7, when I ended up at an impasse and in the er. I have never, ever been in more pain in my entire life.  I am sure the screaming I was doing in the bathroom was frightening all of the patrons. This didn't happen at all my first time round the block, so the experience was new, and frightening and horrifying all at once and I am currently taking a battery of products to, er, keep things moving. Imagine passing something the size of a large naval orange out of something the size of a quarter, with no drugs or assistance what-so-ever! I'll never be the same again. (shudders) The one and only good thing I got from this adventure was seeing my baby. Imagine my relief when the ultrasound tech turned the screen and showed my the little bean, heart pumping away, all tiny and strong deep in my tummy. I didn't need any pain medicine after that, the feeling I felt was so euphoric. Such a relief after the last time I sat in the same exact room, looking for our baby, to make sure there was still a baby in there only to find an empty uterus.

That being said, I may bitch and whine and complain everyday about how miserable I am right now, but rest assured that every second I feel crappy is a reassurance that everything is going well, baby is still fighting away, growing and living. Every time I feel horrible it is a sign that someone else is doing well. It's my baby telling me, hey, mom, I'm still here, growing bigger every day. And that even though this little one is so grounded the second she (or he) comes out, we will be relieved that our long battle with infertility, nausea, and all the other crap that comes with this is finally over and our family will be complete.