Monday, February 4, 2013

January progress report

So this month wasn't a total loss.  Well, it was a loss because I did lose weight, but I wasn't very dedicated to hitting my goal.  I'll take the lazy 4lbs weight loss! My progress in the last six months includes a grand total of 23 lbs lost (30 all together, or 54 if you count baby weight, which I really haven't been. Until right now...) and 17.25 inches lost all over this hot (almost) bod.  I have a number in mind for where I'd like to be at the end of this month but due to my current superstitions about posting a goal out loud and not hitting it (see previous months!) I'll just let you know if I make it or not!

Also looking forward to my Valentine's gift:
My man knows what I like! So he is taking me on a very special date in Las Vegas. We are doing a 5k color run Valentine's weekend! Some girls like to get flowers, some, chocolate, others like getting jewelry.  Not this girl! I want someone throwing color in my face as I huff and puff my way through the streets of downtown Vegas! There's truly nothing on the planet I wanted more and I was so bummed because I thought we weren't going to be able to do it! I love that man! He gets me!
hoping we end up looking like this happy couple!
There will be a post following the happiest 5k on the planet.  Speaking of happy 5k's, the first one we ran was the Disneyland 5k back in 2009 and every year since then we have planned on running it again, it was so much fun.  BUT...This damn race has gained so much popularity that it has been sold out each year since the year we ran.  This year the race entry opened on January 22nd and was sold out in under ten days.  Boo!!!! Disneyland obviously needs to start adding a few more races to its annual agenda!

Until next time, stay healthy, friends!

PS; I implore you to check out the random comment on this blog! I count this as success! I am a big shot blogger when cookie monster comments on my page!

PPS:  Speaking of cookie monster, every time I try cutting out sugar, this is exactly how I feel: