Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When you fall off the horse, get your butt back on!

Injuries suck! This one has been the worst so far.  Even the pulled hamstring that ended my dancing days didn't throw me off like this.  I've been in a downward spiral for the last 4 weeks.  Not working out, out of fear, eating a bunch of crap out of depression from being injured, yo-yo ing back and forth 4 lbs, feeling tired, lethargic and moody.  None of it has been fun.  My worst month ever in this whole process.  I was trying really hard to hit the 40 lbs total lost mark this month.  Can I lose 5 lbs in one week? Maybe. Am I going to push myself that hard? No.

But when the horse bucks you off you have two choices, you can be done with riding altogether, or you can get back on the horse.  Today I got back on the horse.  I was still afraid. I played it safe, very safe.  Even before I started this process I was able to run at least a 16 min per mile pace.  This run was at 17 mins per mile. I lost 6 mins of time in just 4 weeks.  And that is fine, I'll get it back.  I also chose to run only 2 miles, playing it safe, making sure my leg could handle at the very least that much.  It held up, it was sore and each step was a painful reminder that I need to pace myself.  This 2 miles were pretty difficult, and I am probably going to have to keep doing 2 miles the rest of this week and gradually work my way back up.  But I refuse to let this injury stop me.  My progress this month may not be so great but I am right where I need to be.  Back in the saddle. Yee haw!

Monday, May 6, 2013

April progress report

I know, I am late and I 've been largely "quiet" over here at DOAFC! I've been busy! April was a crazy month for team West! I seriously have no idea how these other stay at home mom's find the dang time to blog almost daily! I can hardly find the time to do it monthly! Priorities I guess? I'd much rather spend time with my boys!  But I digress...

So the month of April was pretty challenging and I have some work to do to make up for it this month! We had several birthdays, Lu turned the big 1, and I had mine a few days later, which lead to an entire month of debaucherous eating! Yikes, I was so bad this month y'all! But I worked out like a mad man and lost 2 lbs and 5" all over, so luckily, I didn't gain! But I really wanted to hit the 40lbs lost mark this month and I only have 4 lbs to go to hit it, so here's to hoping we get there in May!!!

My workout schedule has changed again, I added another mile to my runs, making it 4 and on my first run I kept up with my 11 min per mile pace, and then I injured myself and have been sitting on the sidelines since then! And nothing sucks more than wanting to work out and not being able to! I have gone through injuries in the past and have come out better for it so I know that this too shall pass! But I've been running the entire time (with the exception of my 4 mile injured run) which was why I knew it was the right time to increase my distance.  I am also cross training on alternating days which has helped me improve on my time and endurance.  I do 40 mins of cardio, zumba or turbo jam, on those days.  I have also added strength training and have been focusing on my arms.  I have been doing this work out from Tracy Anderson:
Ya, I know, it doesn't look very effective right? Well, the full inch I lost off my arms begs to differ! This is a quick and (not so) easy way to fit in an arm workout that will give you results.  Did I mention that I only started it 3 weeks ago? By min 3, you'll be begging to put your arms down! Try not to! It took me 2 weeks to get to the point where I wouldn't put them down! By min 6 she gives you a sort of break....Try it! I challenge you!

I also started a plank challenge for the month of May.  Each day you hold plank pose for a specific amount of time, starting at 10 and ending this month at 85! Yikes! But I can't wait to see what the results of that will bring! I will also start doing different leg exercises that I will post here as I try them out.  But I do recommend the arm one! And who doesn't have 8 mins to give?

So, good luck this month! I'm giving a special DOAFC cheer to my mom-in-law who has recently gotten on the diet and exercise wagon! I am very proud of her for taking the steps she needs in order to get healthy and I look forward to seeing her progress and motivating her and you as well! Go get 'em tigers!!!