Sunday, November 4, 2012

Failure can be a good thing

I set out a goal to lose 10 lbs this month, like I did in September. I thought it would be easy. I honestly thought my great motivation and will power would keep up and I would even lose 15 lbs! I felt so strong and so empowered by that first 10 lbs that I thought for sure I could take on the world!

But I can't.  Rome, as they say, wasn't built in a day.  I didn't gain this weight in a month and it is going to take some time for it to come off.  I made a huge mistake in this journey by thinking that I was invincible to all of the dieting pitfalls out there. Like I had magically undone all of the damage and bad habits of a lifetime of eating crap and lethargy! I am human. I. AM. HUMAN!!

I did lose weight this month, a whole 4 lbs, so not bad, I didn't completely fail, but if you know me at all, this is like a huge fail to me.  I may as well not have lost anything (I'm so ungrateful!) at all the way I have been feeling.  It was a rough start to the month and I knew that that set me back a bit.  And my energy levels just tanked around lady week and I kept getting migraines and other nasty headaches too.  So hard to try working out when your head feels like a bomb just went off in there! I was also tweaking my workouts and working out less, not really watching my calorie intake, ect! Human. Not bionic woman!

This "failure" has shown me a thing or two, though.  That this is a long journey.  A marathon, not a sprint, and that I have to learn and grow along the way.  I may not always hit my target weight every month and I need to be ok with that. I may need to settle for a smaller goal, I mean, any weight loss, even if it had just been 1 pound, would have still been a step in the right direction! I can do this, and I am doing this! And I'll be dammed if I let my inhibitions hold me back again this month!

So once again I am putting that big 10 number up there.  If  I hit it, great! Let's celebrate and par-tay!! If not, hopefully my numbers will still be going down! Even 5 lbs will put me at my lightest weight in 4+ years! Just 5! That's an awesome accomplishment! I can be proud of that!