Sunday, September 8, 2013

August update

Here it is as promised!
This last month I hit the official year mark.  It was last July that I started taking baby steps to getting my health back on track for good, and a year after many slip ups, false starts and stupid injuries I am very proud of the 35lbs that I lost.  I would be lying if I told you I was happy with that number over a 12 month time span, but I wish it was ten or so lbs more.  But it is just a pleasant reminder that I still have lots of work to do! I'm not where I want to be yet but I am on my way, and that is the important thing! I f I lose another 35 over the course of the next 12 month then I will be pretty pleased with myself!
Remember that time I injured myself and stopped working out for like 3 months and gained like 8 lbs back? Well after a serious battle I am happy to report that those 8 lbs are gone, over the course of the last 2 months doing the bikini body mommy challenge.  I'm telling you, it costs me nothing, NOTHING to do this workout, she offers it free and it is effective! Most of the work outs are very brief, I'm talking 10-20 mins and every other day is a cardio day that can be either 45 mins (it doesn't all have to be at once either!) or 20 mins of HIIT ( high intensity interval training). You can do it! It works you hard but it's so worth the few minuets, very much!
But, I will confess that since starting work, these past 3 weeks have been wishy-washy with  my workouts, this last week, I only did *gulp* 2 of 6 workouts.  And last week wasn't much better, but I knew that the adjustment to going from full time mommy to full time working mommy was going to take its toll on my body and I am just trying to re-group and get back on the dang horse again! I am still being pretty diligent (as I am making brownies right now *for bible study, ok?*) about what I eat and allow myself one free day a week, which usually consists of a free meal and a special treat, not going nuts all dang day.
How is work you ask? Pretty dang good.  It is so much more laid back than a hospital setting, I may never go back to that! I get lots of praise from my managers and from patients, something I rarely got anywhere else and I feel really good about the work I am doing.  The kids have adjusted really well, actually,  I am the one who has a hard time leaving them behind with out getting emotional, most days I drive away from E's school a bit misty eyed, but my work is rewarding and the time away from the boys is what I really needed.  I got my first paycheck Friday and spoiled myself a wee bit. It feels nice to be making a financial contribution to the family again. 
Ethan is doing really well in school and the school psych says he is functioning better than some of the "normal" kids in his class and we have therefore decided to not seek out special ed classes fo rhim at this time, the only thing we are dealing with is the subject matter that they are currently learning is a bit remedial for E and we are investigating bumping him up to first grade.  We have parent teacher conferences next week and will go from there.
But, back to fitness. I signed up for the Tinkerbell 10k (6 miles) in January and need to start training again for that. The goal is to PR my mile time to 10 mins per mile and finish in about an hour, this would be setting me up for the half that will be run next year as well.  I keep saying I want to do one and I chicken out! So committing to a 10k is a baby step in the right direction.  There's a 5k out here in Hesperia in a couple weeks that is free that I am most likely going to do, again, I'll be trying to PR my 5k time each race I run.  But to do that that would mean I need to get off my ass and start running again! So my soft goal for the month of September is to lose 5-7 more lbs, putting me at around 190 lbs.  Just close enough to goal #2 of 176 (pre baby weight) so again, wish me luck!!!