Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boy, oh boy!

Life never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you have everything planned out to the "T", life throws you a curve ball.  I was planning on being done having babies. I was certain that this was my girl and our family would be complete. Well, the good Lord has other plans for team West!

Well, that's obvious...

Imagine our surprise when within seconds of the tech putting the ultrasound wand to my belly this is what we saw.  I wasn't prepared to see a rather large penis on the 46" screen TV, and I was shocked, no lie.  I was really going to put some money on it in Vegas that this was a girl. I just really felt in my heart that this baby was my girl. Which I can now probably say that I wanted it to be a girl so badly that I had convinced myself that it was and wouldn't settle for anything less. I was trying so hard to hide my disappointment through the rest of the ultrasound. And I knew going into this that if it was indeed a boy, I would have this reaction. Does that mean that our son will be loved any less because he is a boy? No. It's just like at Christmas time when you were expecting that super awesome pink bike with the rainbow ribbons on the handlebars and you end up getting a purple bike with purple ribbons. You were expecting one thing and you got another thing that is equally as good as the latter, it just takes you a while to truly appreciate it. And now I am very happy with what we have. Because boy or girl, this baby was indeed a blessing. After 11 months of trial and error and a bit of a tragedy we were finally blessed with a healthy, strong baby boy.

Lucas Jason West

And while he didn't have a name for a while (for which I felt really badly!) He now does.  My husband is stoked because he can say "Luc, I am your father!" Such a nerd! And Eth will have a lot more fun with a brother than the sister he originally wanted.  Life's balance is restored and we are a happy family once more. And should we try a third time, we may just wait until the very end to find out, because it doesn't really matter in the long run. You get what you get and there's no trying to fight it with all the science in the world. I think I'll be ok in a house full of men. I do so like the idea of being spoiled by 4 handsome men!

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