Friday, November 18, 2011

I made it half way!!!

Not sure how I survived but somehow I did it! Today is my official 19 week mark, which for those of you who know anything about me and my last pregnancy, I'm having this one scheduled, therefore the week early.

Can't say I feel that much better in this the magical second trimester, all my crappy first trimester symptoms finally gave up but brought all new crappy symptoms to take their places. Ho hum! I'm actually kind of bummed because I still have trouble eating at night and there's this big "eat a ton of crap for dinner" holiday coming up and I will have to nibble precociously, wanting like hell to stuff my face but knowing that if I do there will be hell to pay. Bummer. This is no fun for a fat kid like me!! Thanks heartburn, indigestion and the other gastro-intestinal unpleasantries that come with pregnancy!! (gives thumbs up and a huge, cheesy fake smile)

But I am getting pretty excited about the second half of my pregnancy, if nothing other than knowing that it is almost over! Baby is pretty active, and I love feeling all those little flutters and kicks all day long.  It's been really reassuring actually feeling the movement. That makes it so much more real, other than feeling like crap all the time. My husband is bummed that it's still too early for him to feel the baby moving on the outside yet.  Poor guy hasn't gotten to experience much of his child other than one Dr's office visit that he heard the heartbeat at and I kind of feel bad for him.  He gets to put up with all the crap I dish out and gets hardly any good benefits!

This Wednesday is the big day! I know in my last post I said I wasn't going to do it because we can't really afford it (and we still can't) but I really wanted my family to get to experience this with us.  It is the last child we plan on having and we didn't get to have a huge audience with us the first time around, so this time we are just going to do it.  The ultrasound seats 10 people and I'm really excited to get to find out the same time as they all do. And Ethan gets to come along too which I hope is pretty cool for him. I think we still have a couple seats available if anyone wants to come on down! (although I am still willing to put money on the fact that it's a girl, now my opinion is backed by a Dr and my nail lady...)

And trust me that even though I bitch about how horrible I feel and how much I hate being pregnant (and I really, really do hate it) I am so excited to bring this new addition into our family.  It has been a long, arduous process trying to bring this child into the world and I have earned every single complaint that I put out there!

(wow, my spell check only pulled up gastro...go me!)

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