Monday, May 16, 2016

Here I go again on my own...

Accountability is key.  Especially with any weight loss program.  Every time I start out on a new "expedition, " I look for a friend or two to join me.  I always get a couple likes on the facebook page, but no one every really commits.  And that's ok, I know everyone has their own lives and stuff...but this journey is never easy and it makes life rough when you have to do it solo.  Maybe that's why I can never really commit whole-heartedly to the process.  I recently (ok, today) started another round of the bikini body mommy work out, which I have done before, but have never finished.  Well, I really want to finish it this time.  Like me, the hostess Brianna, has 60 lbs (post partum, she just had an adorable baby) and I know she will kill it and look fabulous in no time! I may finish the 90 day challenge, I may get half way...I don't know, its hard to say... but for now I'll be song for the ride. (If you haven't checked out her program, I seriously encourage you to do so at

In the last couple of posts I have discussed my emotional eating problem and can tell you that while I have had no success on the scale, I am becoming very much more aware of the things, times, feelings, ect when I eat.  Baby steps I guess, truth is, I'm being a stubborn ass and while knowing that I really am not hungry, I just haven't cared that much.  With the stress of the final two weeks of my first semester in nursing school, eating was all I could do to keep sane, and the mentality just kind of stuck. But hopefully I am back on track with this new program, and the pounds will start melting off again.  I set a very small goal of losing only 7 lbs this month (ok, that doesn't really seem too small) but I know that I can achieve this easily, having gained about this much in the past few months of school.  Yikes...

My game plan is to continue the BBM workouts daily and supplement a couple of run days with a couple of extra weight lifting days.  I noticed a HUGE difference in my endurance during the BBM workout day 1 fit test than I have seen in previous attempts, I was able to do more on certain moves than in the past! Go weightlifting!! I may do an entire post on how amazing lifting is for weightloss vs just cardio one of these days.  And I will (ugh, Iam going to hate my life for commtting like this) post my before pictures and stats for this current challenge (not going to say when!!) So keep posted!! If you haven't liked the Diary of an Angry Fat Chick facebook page do so here. On this page I will post little bonuses, like perhaps some vlogs?? Recipies??? Fun things???? So go there if you want more!

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