Monday, June 17, 2013

Recommitment ceremony

I know, you may be wondering what happened to my May/June update.  It didn't happen.  I never weighed myself, what with the big move and not working out and eating like crap and all.  I did fall way off the wagon with this injury and even though I tried to get back in to things it just wasn't happening.  So my leg is still giving me trouble, but it's manageable so I have decided to stop sitting around on my ass eating chocolate and doing nothing, I have come too far to quit now! I am getting all squishy again and while I am not 100% sure, I think I've gained back around 5 lbs. Yikes! Not completely ruined, but yikes. 

It's hard, this process is hard, being injured is hard and scary.  But being overweight is worse, pain is temporary! I've decided to use this week as a slow recommitment to my goals, so far it hasn't born much fruit, but I am not going to throw the towel in just yet.  And this time around, I am not going to be jumping on the scale everyday.  It was creating a monster and I am glad that my little devil child broke it pre-move, because while I am curious, I am not going to dwell on the number anymore.  I will weigh myself at some point along the way but I have no intentions of buying a new scale anytime soon.  It feels so liberating! I still plan on measuring every month because that is always a much better indicator of real "fat" loss.  The numbers will fluctuate regardless, water weight, bowel movements, heavy workouts, all of those things will change your number.  I know how I want to feel and how I want to look and that is going to be my goal from now on.  I'll know when I get there!

So, to recommitting to the journey! I'll be starting off with 3, 2 mile runs for the next 2 weeks, mostly to familiarize myself with a new neighborhood, adding weight training in on my off running days, probably 2-3 times a week.  Getting back to a healthy style of eating, most likely not counting calories but increasing fruit and veggie consumption and getting away from processed foods.  I'll be trying to go as un-processed as I can for a while to re-set my body and to detox all the junk that's in there now! I'd like to touch base here on the blog every two weeks to help keep me accountable, and you know, so you guys can keep me from taking another "vacation?" Let me know how you are doing too! I know I'm not in this alone!

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