Friday, March 2, 2012

March madness

Yet another month in the long haul has passed us by.  I am now left with only weeks until the big day, which is now officially set for April 10th (a bit later than I'd like since d-day is the 13th but, the end is indeed in sight. I guess...) My mom is pleased because this means she gets a grand baby for her birthday! Good thing too, because I am poor as hell, so a grand baby it is Ma! Happy b-day! The downer to this, I get to spend my birthday in the was planning on being holed up in bed with my kiddos! But perhaps having everyone wait hand and foot on me may not be too bad (I do love chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, and sushi if you'd like to send a little b-day love to me in the good ol hospital!)

I am definitely very glad that the end of the journey is in sight now as it has become very unpleasant being me lately.  My pregnancy has been "tolerable" until the last few weeks.  It is seemingly impossible to do pretty much anything but lay around all the time since fatigue and back pain are both major problems. Sleeping has been both better (new mattress!!) and worse (it's just damned uncomfortable no matter where or how I sleep) and nausea has returned, however, my appetite has remained causing a bit of a surge in my weight gain this month. I am officially at 36 lbs total, and would really like to stop right here!! Doc still assures me that everything is fine but I feel like a major fat ass, especially since my will to do any physical activity has flown out the window! So April 10th cannot get here fast enough!

We have just about everything ready for Luke's arrival and thank goodness for a good tax return and some awesome family and friends for that! When we had Ethan, we didn't need to buy anything at all for him for months! Clothes? We didn't buy any for E for a looooong time, for L.J? I had to buy a ton, and we still could use some more!(Don't grow too fast please!) Diapers? E was set for the first 5 months of his life, L.J. may have a 2 month supply in which mom and dad have provided about half of.  Both my husband and I are seeing that it's only fun for friends and family the first time you have a kid I suppose. Or maybe it's because we're having another boy? I don't know, I've never done this before so I imagined we'd get super spoiled like we did the first baby! And while both babies have been a BIG deal to us, Chris is super worried that Luke will feel like he's not as good as his brother is based on the amount of stuff he doesn't have. I'm pretty sure he's not going to notice that he didn't have as many blankets or toys as his brother did when he was a baby!

I keep thinking about how stressful this month is going to be around here. I start my stupid, expensive phlebotomy class tomorrow, Chris is wrapping up his finals and he then starts his last semester for his A.S. program (yea!), E turns 4! I feel like we're going to be running our butts off all month long with my OB appointments starting every week, plus finalizing everything for the incoming baby! But God willing we will survive this month and all its joy and maybe next month we will be able to slow down a little bit and enjoy the start of our new lives!!

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  1. and don't forget more of your friends have babes now too. being the first out of everyone is a super exciting thing so I bet that was part of it. but everyone will love both your boys equally. and take advantage of hand me downs yo! no shame in that.

    love you. wish I could be there for this.