Thursday, February 2, 2012

9 weeks and counting down!

Yikes! We are in the single digits now!! Only nine weeks left until life is totally turned upside-down!

Things are still going ok over here, I keep remembering just how unpleasant the last trimester is.  My body feels like crap all the time and my nausea has returned! Yea!! I am thisclose to going back on the anti-nausea medication I was on in my first trimester!

My doctor visits are now bi-weekly so I will be stressing even more about my weight, which is still fine.  I guess since I was constantly harassed by my last OB about my weight at each and every visit, I keep expecting to get the same verbal lashing from my current OB. But she keeps assuring me that everything is just fine.  And at this point I have only gained a mere 26 lbs in comparison to the 50 or so I gained the first time around.  I am being much more careful this time around as my poor body cannot possibly handle another 70 lbs! Besides, I was only able to lose 30+ of that 70 from E so if I gain 30+ with LJ, I know I can handle that!

I posted on facebook a few days ago about a fall I had on Sunday night, which has prompted me to wear only flat soled shoes until LJ gets here, for the safety of both of us! I still have a sore knee, ankle and wrist and doing yoga was actually unpleasant a couple days ago as a result! I am very lucky that I didn't fall on my stomach and that nothing is broken! That could have been much worse! I guess after a while you have to realize that you have limits, so anything with a heel (sniff, sniff) is gone!

Am I a little freaked out that I pretty much have only 2 months left? Maybe. I am feeling better knowing that at the end of this month we will be 100% ready for LJ's arrival so I am not freaking out just yet.  He is measuring right on track so I am not worried that he will end up coming early, well, early as in this month anyhow! As for now I just sit back and count the days! I keep thinking that in the very near future, I will be doing pretty much the same thing, but with a baby. Not sure how much my life will change, but I'm looking forward to it.

 P.S. Can you believe it's already February?

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