Thursday, July 7, 2011

To another year

So kids it's my four year anniversary with my wonderful hubby. And this year, instead of me writing some sappy blog about our relationship and it's ups and downs like I did last year, this year I'm going straight to the bull. The "king" (insert eye roll), my champion. That's right, I'm interviewing my hub. Let's get a little male perspective here. (He is pretty much playing Wii bowling as I'm interviewing him)

So what did you think when you first saw me that fateful day in the Olive Garden?
Are you serious? That question again? Honestly , I didn't really notice you because you didn't make yourself known.

Bull shit, I did so. You don't remember what I said to you?
I don't remember.

No that was 10 years ago.

You're such a man. Next question then, when you DID first notice me, what did you think?
Very nice (said like Borat) You were a nice piece of meat, only 20.

When did you know I was the one?
Back in 0.......probably about  a year after you moved to Vegas.

Wow, you're really slaying them babe. The night before our wedding were you anxious, nervous, scared?
Kind of all of the above. Scared because I was getting married, anxious because I was marrying you, pre-wedding jitters I guess. Then your brother and Dennis and Aaron and Ashley took me in the bathroom and gave me shots.
No they didn't....
Yes they did! They took me in there and told me congrats and helped me relax.

I seriously didn't know that until right now.
I told you that!

No you didn't. I remember everything, duh...In a church, shame on you...Anyhow...You still cried like a beeotch, do you remember why?
I don't know...Cuz I saw you.

So I looked hot?
I wouldn't say that....
Ha, ha, ha...You looked radiant dumb ass, you didn't look hot, hot is for single chicks.

Nice save, butthole.  So, soon after we found out we were expecting, did that freak you the heck out like it did me?
Nope. I was cool as a cucumber, because I wanted a family.

Ya, so did I but I was still scared poop-less. Do you love me more than our kid? Just kidding, kind of....
No. I love you each the same, in different ways.
Awww...Muffin. But you should love me best!

What is your favorite memory of us?
There's so many. When you stole the floating things in Hawaii. 
They were by the trash, that is not stealing, that's called one man's trash is another's treasure!
And when we go to Disneyland, like that one time it rained and we had to wear ponchos and you were sharing one with me, I think we have a picture of that right? Oh and that one time at band camp...

You crack me up. I love your randomness! What is your favorite thing that I do?
...(long pause)'re caring? You put up with me?
You're really knocking them dead here baby!

What is your least favorite thing that I do?
Tell me what to do.
Well if you didn't act like a teenager I wouldn't have to.
Ha, ha,'s your way or no way.
Yes, actually it is, after all these years you don't know that?

What are you looking froward to in the future?
A better life with you and our children. Like owning our own home, having no bills.

So what would you want the readers of my blog to know about us?
Every marriage has its ups and downs, but the person that you're with helps you through those downfalls, and that's the type of couple we are.
Word, babe.

Any final thoughts?
I love you, and don't be mad for my answers. You asked me.

Yes I did.

What are your final thoughts?
Don't ever get famous babe, because you kind of suck at interviews!

So that's my husbands blog debut. And probably his last. But we really do adore each other, (as you see from the dumbass's and other loving terms of endearment we use.) Our marriage isn't perfect but it's us 100%. And we wouldn't have it any other way. So salute my lover, here's to another year!

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