Friday, January 21, 2011

Fat Chick Friday: 30 by 30

I'm doing the happy in my pants dance right now. I just jumped on the scale and I have lost another 4 lbs this week! I'm down 8 lbs in two weeks! Which really isn't that hard when you're fat anyway, (hello, have you seen  how much weight they lose on Biggest Loser?) but dammit I'm stoked since I put in about 75% of my effort.  Kind of makes me want to put in like 90% next week. Maybe that's why I'm dragging my husband to *try* a spin class with me today. (GULP) I'm too scared to go alone and have coerced him with ten different favors to come along and be my moral support, or to carry my broken ass back to the car after...

But I haven't told you guys about 30 by 30!

Feeling quite bad about how slothful and gluttonous I had been the first twelve days of the new year I sat in bed on Jan 12th thinking this madness has got to stop. I had an epiphany that night, 4 days after the calender's epiphany. I can and should be losing 10 lbs a month. I should be...wait, today is the 12th of January, in EXACTLY 90 days, on April 12th, I will turn 30...OH MY GOSH! I can lose 30 lbs by my 30th birthday!! Thus the next day began the 30 by 30 program.

They say in weight loss you need to set small, easily accomplish-able goals for yourself so that each small victory encourages you to finish the next one. If you make a goal of wanting to lose 90 lbs, it becomes daunting, but breaking it up into smaller goals makes it more realistic, more achievable.  So this has become my project.

I'm eating less, but not depriving myself, because this momma loves the food, and depravity only leads to binging, and Lord knows I've already been down that road! I am also forcing my ass to hit the gym, I mean, one of my new year's goals was to run a half marathon this year, so I should be training right? Run, Fat girl, RUN!

Now I know some of you faithful readers are thinking, isn't she also trying to get pregnant? Well, yes I am , and no I'm not? We are still trying but not with the fury we had before. If I get pregnant before I've lost the 30, then I will just keep maintaining these new-found healthy habits, not eating McDonald's meals  3 times a day, and working my pregnanty-ass out. I am ok with waiting, I've gotten over all the issues I had with having kids into my 30's (hell, I see women ALL THE TIME at work who are having kids well into their 30's and it's ok, nothing says I have to be super young to have kids!) and I've come to accept that my body doesn't work the way it did when I was 26, I've put her through some crap in the last 4 years! And it my thus, take longer to get knocked up. And E? He will be just fine being 3 or even 4 years older than his sibling, at least he will have them, and he and his cousins are thisclose in age, they will be pals forever!

So let's pray (please, oh please, oh please Lord) that I keep up the good work, the motivation and the will power! Oh and pray that I survive spin today! Yikes!

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  1. good luck!

    as much as I love you, I'm gonna need you to rephrase that whole "I see women ALL THE TIME at work who are having kids well into their 30s" thing. 30 is YOUNG woman! and at this point? I'll be having kids in my 40s. <3