Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I heart Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. 

The weather changes and summer's death grip is loosened making way for crisp fall air. Truly there is nothing better than taking a walk or run on a fall morning when the cool air fills your lungs and refreshes you completely.

Fall flavors come out of their yearly hiding. Nothing tastes better than anything with pumpkin in it! Starbucks visits become a two to three times a week thing vs. a once every week/every other week visit when the pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin goodies arrive.

Sweatshirts. Anyone who knows me knows that come fall whatever fashion sense I have is abandoned and I'll done hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets at any chance. I live for comfort and coziness!

Flannel sheets. The cooler temps are reason enough for me to bust out my ultra soft, super warm flannels. I used to have flannel sheets on year round, but one summer in Vegas will change anyone's thinking on that. So I put them up at the first sign of cooler weather. (Which means they will be on in about two weeks here!)

But my favorite fall moments are pulling out the Halloween decorations the first part of September and covering every inch of my home in orange and black. I know, most people go nuts at Christmas time, but not me. I go nuts at Halloween, (and often incorporate Halloween into my Christmas decor, a la Nightmare Before Christmas.) I have more boxes of Halloween decorations than Christmas! It's sad, well, if you LOVE Christmas anyhow...

And we always dress up for Halloween.

2007: We found it appropriate since I was preggo....I mean, after all I am an angel!! (snort!)

2008: E's first Halloween, we all went as a pirate family but alas I do not have a picture of the three of us. We were dang cute though. But he wins, as usual.

2009: We were dirt poor due to the hubby losing his job not long after the last Halloween, but dammit we were dressed up anyhow! Dr. E, nurse mommy (what a stretch for me) and daddy was the patient.

The ideas for this year are as follows....
A Peter Pan theme
The Wizard of Oz
Or a brave knight, dragon and princess

I will post more pics. It will look pretty interesting trying to fit 3.5 boxes of Halloween crap into 900+ sqft this year!

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