Thursday, July 15, 2010

A blog about nothing

So I knew this was going to happen. I would be so busy my 3 days at work I wouldn't miss my kiddo. (who is at grandma and grandpa's for 2 weeks.) Here it is my first day of 4 off and I'm completely bored out of my fucking mind.  I finished a book, (that I pretty much started yesterday), finished 3 pages in E's scrapbook and now feel like I may go nuts.  My hubby had work this morning and is at his class right now so I am left to entertain myself. He has the same schedule tomorrow as well. It's too damned hot outside to do pretty much anything (fuck summers in Vegas). So here I am blogging, with a case of serious writers block.

You know when I am at work I have all these brilliant thoughts about great blog subject matter, but as soon as I get a free moment to sit down and write these brilliant ideas disappear.  Just like that.  My ass hits the chair, my head goes blank. This leads me to believe that I will never be able to write a book. Which is a silly dream of mine.  Oh well. I also dreamed of being skinny and rich! Ha!

Shit, I'm so bored even this blog is coming out boring. 


  1. i frequently blog about nothing. (I have 2 blogs)
    and dude. write your ideas down, and then when you get home from work, you'll remember them. =)

  2. I need to do that! I keep telling myself that! I'm still learning!

  3. I often jot little ideas down throughout the day, but once I go to write about them, they're not funny anymore.

    totes not sleeping in my new bedroom. the cats are driving me NUTS!