Sunday, June 27, 2010

The dreaded half marathon!

Ya, I've talked about it before, but now my sister is making me do it with her.  Now I know I said I wanted to do it, but to a 200+ lbs chick with asthma, 13 miles is pretty daunting! So naturally I'm terrified. (and also terrified that I keep revealing my weight on the internet!) So I have no choice...5 months to train.  It's pretty expensive to sign up so I can't back out, I've no choice now. It's sink or swim...or, run or look like an ass while wasting 130 bucks. I choose run. Perhaps in the process I'll shave some lbs off my frame, and hey, I may be able to eat a lot whilst still training! That's a plus! Ok, so realistically it's probably not the "eating more" that I'm looking for but, I'll take what I can get.
Last week I made a bet with my husband, I would work out three days that week and if I didn't I had to do "something" unpleasant.(Maybe stop reading Dad) There is really no better motivator than shaking on that kind of a bet. I won't go into details, but it's something I really hate doing. In fact most girls actually do. Men, if you love us, please don't EVER make us do this not so nice thing!(Use imagination now) Needless to say, I worked out only two days, but please, don't tell him as he seems to have forgotten the whole deal! Sucker! But this leads me to my current plight; Now I have to work out consistently. Refer to paragraph 1, si vous plait. I have to continue to make deals with the Devil, aka my husband, in order to motivate myself to work-out. Why do I do these things to myself? It's like fat kid Russian Roulette!
So I'm starting my "training" this week, which consists of running two miles (it's a fucking start, ok?) three days a week. Today I should have gone to the gym after work but I ended up coming home to spend time with my husband instead (you know, since he's joining the military and all here pretty soon, and we really don't get all that much time together anyway) But we've just been fighting, and sitting at our respective computers all night. Should have gone to the gym, at least I would have felt better about myself. Such is life...You know it is Sunday, start of a new week! Too bad I had two ice cream sandwiches after

*stay tuned folks, you know this training shit is going to be funny!

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  1. You can dooo it (said like Rob Schneider) (does that take you back to the time when went to the wrong movie theater and sat there like idiots until we finally figured it out?)!

    Just remember: nobody said you have to run *fast*.

    And if you bet what I think you bet, I am *so* sorry, honey. You'd better hope he doesn't read your blog. No girl wants to do that. Nope.