Sunday, June 13, 2010

Damn you Del Taco!

So I went out of town this week, visiting my family, and God love them they spoil us all rotten! I mean, it's like we walk in the door and we all must look emaciated to them because everyone wants to feed us! Del Taco for breakfast here, BBQ dinner with cookies and cupcakes there, prime rib dinner the next night.  Now my husband and kid are tall and skinny (kid is two and almost as tall as me! ...God...? Why are fat people short too?) so they can eat all the bad crap they want and I gain all the weight! Yea! Can I slit my wrists now!?! So it doesn't matter to them what they eat. And I tried like hell to be a good little soldier and say no thank you, I'm fine, I had my 90 calorie fiber bar and green tea. But I just ended up charging after my brother like a bull seeing red as he headed out the door to get everyone breakfast! "Wait brother! I changed my mind!!!!" ...Shit... So much for eating well and maintaining control while traveling.

Don't even ask me about working out! I even brought work-out clothes, didn't use them at all!! Looks like once a week is my max, but really who needs it? Working in a hospital everyday I see healthy bastards dying right next to the fat ones so it doesn't really matter now does it? I mean, we are all going to die anyway, so why not eat crap all day? Fuck exercising! Go sky dive and bungee jump if you want! I mean, I won't ever do that crap, there's probably not a harness that can safely hold my fat ass anyway, but, you know, you go right ahead! Life is too short to diet! It's too short to work out like a freaking animal! I mean I will still try to get skinny but like maybe I'll occasionally flirt with sloth and gluttony. Or just not eat for a week? Who knows!


  1. ah you know I love ya! you're too funny!

    but maybe it's not about denying yourself food vs eating tons of crap. you know? like, why is food so bad? and because it's bad, it's irresistible. but, like, maybe if we could find balance in our culture. enjoy food. eat for the flavor and the experience and the conversation around a table. like, the French eat one huge ass meal a day (and it *is* huge!) and small meals for breakfast and lunch. so there's no starving and then bingeing.

    you know? I think diet is a dirty word. it makes you feel so restricted. so forced to starve. anyway. *gets off soapbox*

  2. You know the word DIE is in diet...and I do die a little bit inside each time I pass up an opportunity (which isn't often) to eat yummy food!