Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When you fall off the horse, get your butt back on!

Injuries suck! This one has been the worst so far.  Even the pulled hamstring that ended my dancing days didn't throw me off like this.  I've been in a downward spiral for the last 4 weeks.  Not working out, out of fear, eating a bunch of crap out of depression from being injured, yo-yo ing back and forth 4 lbs, feeling tired, lethargic and moody.  None of it has been fun.  My worst month ever in this whole process.  I was trying really hard to hit the 40 lbs total lost mark this month.  Can I lose 5 lbs in one week? Maybe. Am I going to push myself that hard? No.

But when the horse bucks you off you have two choices, you can be done with riding altogether, or you can get back on the horse.  Today I got back on the horse.  I was still afraid. I played it safe, very safe.  Even before I started this process I was able to run at least a 16 min per mile pace.  This run was at 17 mins per mile. I lost 6 mins of time in just 4 weeks.  And that is fine, I'll get it back.  I also chose to run only 2 miles, playing it safe, making sure my leg could handle at the very least that much.  It held up, it was sore and each step was a painful reminder that I need to pace myself.  This 2 miles were pretty difficult, and I am probably going to have to keep doing 2 miles the rest of this week and gradually work my way back up.  But I refuse to let this injury stop me.  My progress this month may not be so great but I am right where I need to be.  Back in the saddle. Yee haw!

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