Monday, December 31, 2012

So long 2012!

Well, the month of December has been a total diet flop.  I believe I worked out a grand total of three days this month (yikes!) and lost 3 lbs solely due to anxiety (which I gained back thanks to this freaking cold). It ended up being a heck of a month over here! Mom had knee replacement surgery and on that same day my husband started at his new job so there were a few adjustments that needed to take place! And once I got into a comfy groove Christmas and all its madness was upon us! Now sick with the mother of all sinus infections/colds I am out for the count.  Screw this month and all its difficulties! But I am still just fine with where I am as far as my weight loss.  I've not gone so far backwards that I can't fix it!

At the beginning of 2012, I made a set of resolutions, nothing super crazy as I have done in years past, but just some pretty general goals for this year that I am proud to say were for the large part all accomplished! And it feels good to say that I can check those things off my list! This new year will be no different, and one of my big goals for the year is to lose a grand total of 47 (it was supposed to be 40!) pounds this year, putting no specific amount on any month as in the past, because somehow setting an amount to lose each month hasn't worked for me. Maybe I'll decide to lose more once that 40 is gone but I feel for my body that I'd be comfy at 160, and that I'd probably look pretty good and not too skinny per husband's request! Also on the table is to run my first half marathon, either the Disney half in Sept or the Las Vegas rock n roll in Dec.  With a few 5k's peppered in here and there.

In high school I was a mediocre student, just skating by with minimal effort and getting mostly B's and the occasional A or C and I always wondered what my life would have been like had I put forth the effort in school and worked hard.  I could have gone to a really good college (and would have been stuck in some crazy job that would pay well but make me crazy I'm sure) but the mediocrity is carried over to my dieting life as well.  As an "average" dieter I have managed to lose 25 lbs this year with a pretty moderate effort and I can imagine what I would have lost giving 110% all the time.  So one of my soft goals this year is to try a little bit harder each month, and to not dwell on my failures but thrive on the small successes.

And so, with that,  I wish you and yours a blessed new year! May you set some goals and go out and achieve them! Now get out there and get moving!

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