Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's a......

...Pregnancy update!!! Ha ha! What did you think this was going to be? I know, it has been a while, but when you feel like crap 9 days out of 10, writing about it is the last thing you want to do!

I have officially crashed head first into my second trimester after having our first ultrasound a few weeks ago where it turned out the baby was measuring about a week bigger than originally anticipated. Not that I am feeling so much better or anything. I still have more bad days than good ones but the severity is much less and I am now able to function through the nausea and other un-pleasantries.

I was starting to show a little bit right around 11 weeks and am much "rounder" now.  I still feel like I just look fat to the unknowing eye, but I'm sure my family and friends will see the little baby bump that is currently starting to form in my mid-section.  I have also managed to keep my weight gain to only 6lbs (by my scale, we shall see what the dr's scale says in a few days...) which I have no idea how. I really don't eat much, but I really don't eat less either. I'm not going to complain at all! By my first pregnancy I would have gained almost 20 lbs by this point!

Several people keep asking me about the sex of the baby and trust me, we are as eager as you are to find out. But, this isn't going to happen until the 1st of Dec. And unless you are going to send me donations in cash so I don't have to cut into the kid's Christmas gift funds, you have to wait, just like I do. It's called a strict budget folks, and the holiday's are knocking on our door! My husband has no idea what the baby is going to be and refuses to have an opinion on the matter, but I am still willing to put a small amount of cash down as a bet that it's going to be a girl...5 bucks anyone?

I keep hoping everyday that this will be the turning point in the pregnancy and that I will start feeling better, only to be disappointed with 2 days in a row of feeling like crap again. You'd think that at 16, almost 17 weeks I'd be seeing some improvement. I mean I sat out my favorite holiday this year because I was feeling yucky!  Luckily C was able to go with E trick-or-treating this year (sad face). I am terrified I'll end up sick the whole time I'm pregnant!  But I remember that feeling like garbage is a sure sign that the pregnancy is still going well. That and the fact that I've been feeling the little one move about the cabin for about 2 weeks now. Not all the time yet and not very strong, but every once and a while while I am being very still, I may feel those little flutters that are pretty unmistakable this time around. It's still such a cool feeling the second time around and I am pretty excited for the coming weeks when the movement gets stronger and more frequent. Then I'll be grumpy once the baby starts kicking the crap out of me and my intestines as my son did. Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Until next time folks :)

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