Friday, August 20, 2010

paranormal experience

It's Sunday night.

I'm awake late for some unknown reason. At my normal bed time of 10 'o clock I simply could not fall asleep.

Husband came home from work right around midnight. We stayed up and chatted, I tried very hard after that to get to sleep around 1 am.

I here my son start screaming.

My husband is in his room trying to console him.

"What's wrong?" I ask him.

"I don't know, he was screaming 'wait, wait' when I came in."

"Why does it smell like vanilla in here?" (I hate and am very sensitive to vanilla smells and have NOTHING in my house that smells like that) "do you smell that?" I ask.

"Yes," my husband replies. "Do you...think something was in here with him?"

"Give him to me... Maybe, I don't know." I say. "Oh my goodness, his head! His head smells like vanilla! What the fuck SMELLS LIKE VANILLA? I mean you smell it too right? I'm not imagining this right? Whatever it was it was TOUCHING HIM!!"

"No, I do, I smell it too, but right now not as much as when I first came in here."

We all retreat back into the master bedroom, me clutching E with all my might, my husband looking suspiciously around the room. We are both on high alert.

"There has to be some logical explanation to this. There has to be!" I say

"Do you think I should sleep in there, see if anything happends to m..."

"No! I need you here!" I yell.

Ethan has fallen back asleep, me clutching him tightly to my chest. Chris is sitting on the bed highly alert. My brain is wracking all the possibilities of what really happened. Chris slumps a bit and turns to me...

"It's my lotion." He says.

"Holy shit you're right, it has coco butter in it right?" I reply.

We both erupt in laughter.

Go us for changing our lotion brand and thoroughly freaking us both way the fuck out. We watch WAY to much tv. (we haven't had cable for 5 months.)
True story.


  1. you two are such drama queens. what a pair.

    ohmigod don't let the vanilla ghost get you!

    BWAHAHA! HA! Ha.ha. heh. *whew* damn I love you.

  2. yes, the lotion is now lovingly referred to as the ghost lotion

  3. Can't leave the three of you alone for a minute!!!LOL

  4. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! Yeah, I'm a freak with worry that way, too. Totally made sense to me! ;)