Sunday, May 30, 2010

Run fat girl, Run!

I run. How weird is that? And not just to a box of cookies either! Like real honest to goodness run! I ran my first 5k last summer with my family. Didn't do too bad either, for no training that is! I mean I was practically being pulled to the finish line by my sister but hell, I finished right? And you know what? It was a pretty un-fucking-believable feeling too. Or maybe that was my asthma? True fat kids have atshma!!!

So I decided to start training for a half marathon in December after that. Needless to say, it didn't happen and I haven't been exactly "consistent" in my efforts  to train since.  A day here, a day there once a month ect...So yesterday I decided that since I was awaken by a toddler...again...instead of reaching for a box of doughnuts (of which there were none left anyway remember?) perhaps I should go for a run. Nothing too serious, just a casual jog around the neighborhood. It was actually pretty invigorating; clean, crisp air in my lungs, all my wobbly parts working synonymously to project my massive mass forward...sigh...good times. That is until I woke up this morning and hurt from head to toe. The kind of hurt where every step is pain;where breathing too deep kills your abs kinda burn. Ya...awesome! No I really mean it! There is some sort of sick satisfaction that I get from that. Freaking masochist that I am! But I digress, as usual!

The plan is to do the 5k again in September, it was truly a blast. The whole out of shape family decided that we are glutton for punishment and are going to partake in the festivities again, and perhaps actually all  do the Las Vegas half marathon in December! Yikes! But  for a fat person there could be no better feeling, short of becoming un-fat, than accomplishing something like that! Hey! My ass may even look smaller after all that training! Ya, you're right...wishful thinking, remember my last blog about doughnuts? I kinda like to eat! And running (even once a month!) makes me hella hungry! But I will begin (or is that resume?) my training efforts this week! I am, in some sick and twisted, way really bound and determined to run a half marathon, I mean, eventually! So, stay tuned kiddies!

                                                                 Guess which one is me!
                                                                    (hint, the fat one!)


  1. I love you! and I'm loving your blog. I've known you, what, 15 years? and I never knew you were such a good writer.

    I'm gonna need a bigger picture than that, yp

  2. you know I have no idea what on earth I am doing as far as layouts, photos ect...And you know what? Coming from you friend, that's a huge compliment!!! Lurve you! And teach my the ways of blogging :)

  3. Good luck with that. When I'm feeling masochistic, I just slam my face in the door. Saves time.

  4. well, I'm taking chances every time I run, one of these days one of my tits will probably knock me out cold. That's right, I walk on the wild side!